Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Materials needed for Ebru art

 - Dyes (2 teaspoon of each color )

Dyes, which is consist of mineral pigments, are produced from colorful rocks, soil, or plants. It is so curial to use these natural pigments in order to reach successful result. Mineral pigments have been traditionally used in Ebru since very early times. Various colors of natural powder dyes can be found in stores as ready to mix with water.

- Brushes 

In Ebru art, it is highly preferable to use brushes made of rose strip or horsehair. The brushes are used in sprinkling dyes to the surface of the water. Thus, various brushes can be used to control the amount of dye touching on the water surface. For freshmen, medium brush is the most appropriate one. 

- Distilled water (1 gallon)

- Ox gall ( 16 oz. )

Ox gall is a material that changes the viscosity of the water, so dyes-color pigments- dissolve and float on the water surface. Without ox gall, dyes would accumulate at the bottom of the container. It also helps the dyes not to mix each other.

- Gum Tragacanth ( 3 teaspoon)

This material is natural glue produced from the stem of a specific plant, which mostly grows in Turkey and its around. Milk, a type of secretion, produced from this plant accumulates on the surface of the plant. When this milk touches the air, it dries off and turns out small white piece, so it is ready to be picked. Gum tragacanth can be found as small pieces at organic stores.

- Metal Container

Any type of metal rectangle container can be used to put the water in. Yet, its dimensions must be long enough to cover the paper that will be placed in.  

- Needle

- Paper 

Any kind of absorbent paper can be used in Ebru.

- Small bottles for dyes


  1. Where can I buy these materials?

  2. Where can I buy these materials?

  3. where can i get these material?????

  4. Where can I get these materials??????????

  5. You can buy from and you search "paper marbling training set".
    It's on sale now and $49.95. I just got it.

  6. What is the ratio of dye powder to water?

  7. which type of paint is used for ebru art?

  8. הי, את ישראלית? יש בארץ חומרים? תודה..

  9. Oz Gall=16oz in a 1 gallon watter? I think this quantity is to much!

  10. Haiii i want to learn Ebru art ... will you guys please help me to learn this art ... ,